Working Together

The Boys & Girls Club is currently assisting with care for healthcare workers’ and first responders’ children K- 6th grade. Grants from the Watertown Relief Fund are helping to support the child care program for health care workers/ first responders at the Club, Little Blessings and LATI Educare, as well as the extra precautions in progress at the Club due to COVID-19. The Club also began a Grab n-Go Summer Food Service program May 26 for children ages 1-18.

The community’s response since COVID-19 has been unified and supportive. Nonprofits, and those receiving the services have been very grateful for extra assistance. Here is one example:

”The grant for childcare has been above and beyond helpful with expenses. Working full time and needing to find a safe place and social interaction for my daughter is exactly what I found at Little Blessings. I couldn’t be happier with how easy the process was and how helpful everyone was. I cannot thank everyone enough for this opportunity, I am forever grateful.”

-- Marti Pederson

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