Philanthropy on $1 a day

The idea is simple. You give $365 - a dollar a day - to make our community better! You pool those daily dollars with those of others. Then you decide together which organizations receive grants.

Hear what Shane and Becky Conger, Giving Back 365 Donors Have to Say

When you join Giving Back 365, half of your contribution is used for grants in the current year, and half is placed in an endowed fund to support future grants. As a member, you're eligible to participate in the annual grant process.

Jan DeBerg, WACF Executive Director

Please join us. The more members the more money available for grants for our community. For more information, Email: or call 605.882.3731.

Joy Ranch, Giving Back 365 Grantee

Carli Ordal, Watertown Fire Rescue PAD Program Coordinator

365 donations in action!

Start making a difference today by giving $1 a day!

Wildlife Warriors began in 2012. Fifteen boys each year get to have unique experiences both at the zoo and within their community. These Wildlife Warriors are getting a fishing lesson.  
Giving Back 365 donors awarded a grant to the Brothers & Sisters Behind Bars Organization
Giving Back 365 grant helped allow children the opportunity to explore the arts through the “Passport to the Arts” program at the Goss Opera House.