Diverse Fund Options

The Watertown Area Community Foundation has many fund options for donors.

Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted funds provide the Watertown Area Community Foundation with the greatest flexibility to meet the most pressing and ever-changing needs in our community.

Designated Funds

Donors may create a fund to benefit a specific organization with the earnings from the fund distributed to it.  In the event the specified organization ceases to exist, the Foundation is able to adjust its disbursements to insure the fund carries out its original purpose and intent.

Donor Advised Funds

Through Donor Advised Funds, a donor can have an active hand in his or her charitable giving by recommending annually to the Foundation which organizations should be supported by the Fund.  The recommendations of the donor must be approved by the Watertown Area Community Foundation.  Since the Foundation administers the fund, donors are assured of its permanence well beyond their own ability to advise.

Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds provides donors the opportunity to support particular areas of interest that reach many organizations.  The Foundation distributes earnings to the most appropriate programs within that area of interest (arts, culture, education, health & human services, etc.)

Scholarship Funds

Clubs, civic organizations, and individuals who have provided Scholarship Funds frequently choose to endow them for permanence. The Watertown Area Community Foundation offers efficient services to endow, manage and award scholarships.

Agency Funds

Agency Funds are established by nonprofit organizations to provide income and sustainability. We handle all administrative and investment responsibilities, freeing the organization to pursue its charitable mission.

The Legacy Society

A donor builds a fund to be named and used according to his or her wishes. Small regular contributions made annually, quarterly or monthly over an extended period of time are co-mingled with larger endowments for maximum return and are allowed to build.  No grants or distributions are made from the fund while it is growing, and its earnings during this time become part of the principal.  When it has reached a pre-determined size, the investment income becomes available for use as with any other fund.