WACF Youth Council Welcomes New Members

May 29, 2024

The Foundation’s Youth Council met in late April to elect three rising Juniors to the council. Siri Bach, Leila Byer, and Whitney Martinsen were selected to join the six-member council. Returning Youth Council members for the 2024-2025 school year will be Josie Althoff, Isabella Horning, and Halle Olson.

Youth Council members serve a two-year term and learn about leadership, philanthropy, and our community needs. Each spring the Youth Council awards at least $10,000 in grants to youth-serving area nonprofits.

Youth Council >>> Front (L to R): Siri Bach, Leila Byer, Whitney Martinsen, and Josie Althoff. Back (L to R): Isabella Horning, Hannah Herzog, Carter Schmidt, Halle Olson, and Lucy Walker.



Congratulations to our graduating Youth Council Seniors Hannah Herzog, Carter Schmidt, and Lucy Walker. Hannah will study accounting at Baylor University. Carter and Lucy plan to major in education at Northern State University and Augustana University, respectively.

Thank you for serving Watertown’s youth >>> WACF Executive Director Cammie Mengwasser shared a bitter-sweet final meeting with outgoing Youth Council members Carter Schmidt, Hannah Herzog, and Lucy Walker. During their time on the Youth Council, the three awarded over $24,000 in grants to youth-serving organizations in the Watertown area.

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