crops growing on farmland

The Gift of Land

Did you know the Watertown Area Community Foundation can accept gifts of farmland and retain the land as an asset so it can continue to be farmed while benefiting our communities?

Through our Farmland Retention Program, we can provide a vehicle for giving that preserves one of the greatest natural assets of eastern South Dakota—farmland.

Benefits of gifting farmland include:

  • Land stays local with the Foundation and is tended to by local hands
  • Land remains functional as farmland.
  • Land provides a lasting legacy for your community.
  • Donor receives a tax deduction for the fair market value of the property.
  • Donor bypasses all capital gain taxes.

Farmland Retention is of great benefit to the donor, the tenant and the region. The Watertown Area Community Foundation pays taxes on the land, rents the property to farm tenants and earns revenue from the rent while holding the land as an asset for the benefit of local nonprofits.

Let us be your partner in making a gift of farmland!

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