Philanthropy on $1 a Day

The idea is simple. You give $365 – a dollar a day – to make our community better. You pool those daily dollars with those of others. Then you decide together which organizations you want to receive the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join?

Because anyone can be a philanthropist. Giving Back 365 allows you to leverage your charitable contribution with others to support innovative programs and projects of area interest. The larger the membership, the greater the impact in Watertown.

Who is eligible to join?


What are the membership dues?

The annual donation requirement for memberships is $365. This amount applies to individuals as well as to households. However, only one vote is allowed per household on grant-related issues. Donations can be made in full, monthly, or quarterly.

What do you mean by “endowed fund”?

An endowed fund is a permanent charitable account in which the principal is retained and reinvested. Every year earnings are used to provide charitable grants. Over time the fund’s balance will grow as will annual income available for grant making.

Is $365 the only option?

For $365 you can become a Giving Back 365 member. If you’d like to give without becoming a member, any donation amount will move Giving Back 365 forward. If you’d like to give more, join the Above & Beyond membership level at $500.

But I already support charities I care about.

We hope you will continue to do so. Giving Back 365 is in no way a substitute for directly supporting causes and organizations that are important to you. Giving Back 365 is a way to grow the impact of your charitable giving. It is a way to become involved in philanthropy at a level that might not be available to you individually.

2023 Giving Back 365 Grants Awarded to:

  • 4 the Kids SD, $2,500
  • Boys & Girls Club of Watertown, $2,500
  • Brothers & Sisters Behind Bars, $2,500
  • Codington County Historical Society, $2,500
  • Community Transit of Watertown/Sisseton, $2,128.34
  • East-Central CASA, $2,470
  • The Friends of the Goss Opera House, $2,035
  • Inter-Lakes Community Action Partnership, $2,500
  • Joy Ranch of SD, $2,000
  • Lake Area Zoological Society, $2,147.50
  • Sandwich Ministry Program, $2,500
  • Watertown Area PACH, $2,500
  • Watertown Area Snow Queen, $1,000
  • Watertown Fire Rescue, $2,500
  • Watertown Hockey Association, $2,500